Choosing new countertops for a kitchen remodel presents a special challenge. While it's fun to look at all the options available, you likely find it hard to weigh the pros and cons of the different materials and styles. For instance, natural stone remains a popular choice for a good reason, but maybe you don't like the look of granite, or you worry about having to keep it sealed. If so, solid surface countertops could be the ideal choice for you. Here's why you should consider solid surface countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops are Non-Porous

All materials are porous to some degree, but manufacturers of solid surface countertops create essentially non-porous products, and ultimately, solid surface countertops are much less porous than granite or concrete. Manufacturers add a mixture of mineral powder to acrylic or resin, which results in a solid, uniform material all the way through.

No chunks or veins run throughout solid surface countertop materials, which means you avoid cracks or grooves that collect moisture and bacteria. You never have to fuss with sealing these non-porous countertops.

Plus, liquids won't sink deep into the surface to create stains. Since the surface is so smooth, you can expect simple cleaning and sanitation processes. For example, you’ll spend less time concerned about raw meat juices contaminating your counters in the same way you might with a very porous countertop surface such as wood.

However, solid surface countertops are not anti-microbial. You'll still need to clean the surface of your countertops to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, but solid surface materials stay easy to clean, and you can use many types of cleaning products on them without harm.

Solid Surface Countertops Are Available in Colors and Patterns

The manufacturing process of solid surface countertops makes it easy to create a nearly endless variety of colors and color patterns for you to choose from.

If you want your kitchen to have a unique, artsy look, you’ll find a style that fits right in with your décor. If you love the appearance of natural stone but don't care to maintain it, then you might want a solid surface countertop that's patterned with veins, so it looks just like granite.

Manufacturers of solid surface countertops add color pigments to the mineral and resin mix. It blends the color all the way through the material rather than just having it on the surface. Because of this process, scratches appear nearly invisible on the inside of the scratch that has the same color as the top of the counter, which in turn adds to the low-maintenance nature of solid surface countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops Are Easy to Maintain

Maintenance for solid surface countertops won’t cause undue stress. Resin and acrylic are very durable and easy to keep clean with soap and water. You can also use disinfecting cleaners to clean these countertops and buff out stains with a mild abrasive cleaner appropriate for the kitchen space.

Protect the surface of solid countertops by using a trivet for hot pans and a cutting board for knife work. However, a solid surface countertop can usually be repaired when it's damaged since the color is uniform all the way through. Depending on the severity of the damage, you or a professional can buff or sand out the damaged area. Simply use products recommended by the countertop manufacturer and follow directions carefully, so the buffed area blends in with the polished surface.

Solid surface countertops suit all kitchen styles and decors. Enjoy a carefree cooking surface whether you're a seasoned cook or a kitchen nightmare. When you're ready to install your new countertops, visit Counter Fitters to pick out your favorite style and have them professionally installed.