When you get home from work, one of the things you may look forward to doing is taking a bath. While you may find them enjoyable, you may also think that they could be improved. Although you could install a new bathtub, this might not benefit your situation. Another upgrade that you can make is adding a bathtub deck to the space.

This improvement involves adding countertop around the bathtub. It is versatile because you have a huge selection of materials and designs to choose from - depending on your budget and needs. It is also helpful to know how you can use this new feature to improve your baths. Here's a closer look at the benefits of upgrading your bathing experience with a bathtub deck.

Enhance the Ambiance

In a standard bath, you may not have much extra room to place anything nearby. However, a tub deck will give you enough space to add candles that enhance the ambiance. All you need to do is go shopping for candles that have a glass or metal base to protect the countertop. You should not worry about liquid wax dripping on the surface of the counter if you choose to install a durable material like quartz.

With a large enough deck, you can lay out a collection of candles to use depending on your mood. For instance, lavender scent is ideal for baths at night in which you want to relax. An added tub deck may even encourage you to take morning baths where citrus scents will promote energy.

Bring Your Essentials

By adding a bathtub deck, you can bring the essential items that you like to have by your side. It is possible to design the deck with a lip so that things cannot slip into the bath. This will help you feel confident about important possessions like cellphones into the area. You may even be able to fit items such as a book, laptop or headphones to use in the bath.

Store Bath Products

When you prepare the bath, you may use items such as bath salts, soaks or bombs. However, if you like to take long baths, some of the effects may wear off before you are finished. It may not be realistic to get out of the bath or reach far away to refill the bath with these products.

It is worth planning out a deck that you can use to store various goods. This will allow you to enhance your bath while you are in it-without having to interrupt the experience or drench the flooring.

Add Greenery

A common problem for bathrooms is that they lack greenery. Unfortunately, many bathrooms do not have a lot of counter space to place potted plants without crowding areas that are used often. It is easy to fix this dilemma with the addition of a tub deck because you can put the plants behind the bathtub.

Snake or dragon plants are excellent options because they grow upward. But, if you do not mind cleaning up the occasional leaf litter, then you should not hesitate to keep ferns in the tub area.

Use a Bathtub Tray

A valuable accessory to use in the bathtub is a tray. It is typically a long piece of wood that you place over the tub that is supported by each side of the bathtub. Without a deck, the level of support may not be enough for you to feel comfortable with using a tablet or laptop on the tray. But, this addition will give you several extra inches of support on each side to avoid slippage.

A tub deck is an ideal project when you take baths regularly. If you have any questions about your material or installation options, contact us at Counter Fitters, LLC today.