Are you thinking about redoing your kitchen counters? While you should get something that really sparks your passion, it is beneficial to consider design trends for 2016 to get a sense for what everyone else is doing.

Natural Stones

Natural stones such as slate, granite and marble are becoming fixtures in kitchens across the country. Not only are these materials extremely durable, but they also offer a timeless appearance. This means they are going to look great for years to come.

Neutral Colors

Big, flashy countertops are not really in this year. More homeowners are opting for more subdued appearances. This involves selecting materials that are white, black or gray. All-white kitchens are growing in popularity, so if you are thinking of doing a total overhaul, that is something to consider.

Stainless Steel

If natural stones are not quite your style, then look into the stainless steel options available. This material is also very durable, and it is far more resistant against bacteria than other substances. The best part is that these counters will stay cool during the summer.

While you can look at current trends to see what is popular, you should definitely go with something that makes you happy. Talk to our specialists to see what they suggest. Get started with counter installation by contact Counter Fitters, LLC today.